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Friday, April 17, 2009

International Record Store Day



Saturday marks International Record Store Day and Saint John's only vinyl record store, Backstreet Records, is celebrating. From 1pm to 5pm today the Germain Street business will be hosting music performances from Duncan Thomas, The Straw Men and Grand Theft Bus. Owner Gordie Tufts tells CHSJ news this is the busiest time of the year for his business and it's a welcome experience in today's music industry with so many stores closing.

International Record Store Day began three years ago in the United States. Tufts says their first celebration last year attracted close to 250 people.

Details Yet to be Worked out for Future of Millennium Park



The fine details continue to be worked out by the Town of Rothesay of what the future holds for their half of Millennium Drive. Walmart and the Shannex Assisted Living Complex were lost when residents opposed re-zoning the property. A new municipal plan will be unveiled next month and Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News, right now, there are no applications for the property.

Bishop adds it is valuable land and means loss tax dollars when it continues to sit empty.

Conservative MLA Suspicious Regarding Province's True Ferry Intentions



The provincial opposition says the Graham government's argument for canceling three rural ferries at the end of the month doesn't hold any water. Premier Shawn Graham has said replacing the aging ferries would cost 12 million dollars but Conservative MLA for Saint John Portland, Trevor Holder, says Transport Canada has not even been contacted to inspect the ferries and questions where the dollar figure came from.

The provincial government plans to dry dock the Belleisle, Gagetown and Hampstead ferries by the end of April. Holder says when asked, the Premier would not say he won't shut down more ferries in the future.

Positive Economic Buzz Swirls Around Saint John



City politicians are standing proud of Saint John's continued economic growth and vast number of development projects underway. Councilor Bill Farren says while the rest of the globe is hurting, Saint John is thriving.

General Manager of Enterprise Saint John, Steve Carson, says new businesses such as Costco, a cultural centre and even work on the One Mile Interchange will dramatically boost the city's lifestyle. Mayor Ivan Court says the country is envious of the economic growth spurt Saint John is experiencing.

Search for a New Coach Continues



By the end of the day, the list of candidates for the head coaches job with the Saint John Seadogs will be narrowed down to five. Team officials are working on their short-list and President Wayne Long tells CHSJ News, despite what you may have heard, Ted Nolan is not a candidate.

Nolan is still under contract and can't speak with anyone about a new job. Long says they hope to make their decision by the end of next month to have their new man in place for the midget draft in Moncton in June. 

New Look for Piece for Irving Property



Irving Oil is putting a new look on a piece of it's property. Their Tank Farm on the far side of the causeway near Bayside Drive has been undergoing some clearing over the past several months. Company spokes-person Leslie McLeod tells CHSJ News, it is a beautification project they have taken on after the property has been sitting vacant for quite some time.

Beginning Monday, crews will begin laying sod and planting shrubs in the area with the hope of being finished by the end of spring.

Blaney Reacts to Minister Murphy



The Provincial Conservatives are calling a move by Health Minister Mike Murphy nothing more than public relations. Rothesay MLA Margaret Ann Blaney along with Leader David Alward have been calling for the resignation of Murphy in recent weeks. They say he knew about the possible closure of the Canadian Blood Services Distribution Center for close to a year, but Murphy has produced documents that show the Conservatives voted to close the facility in 2002. Blaney tells CHSJ News, in speaking with former Health Minister Elvy Robichaud, the move has been on CBS's agenda for quite some time.

Blaney says the bottom line is, when the Conservatives left power in 2006, Canadian Blood Services was here to stay. 

Dope Dealer on Grand Manan



A 30-year old man from Saint John has a court date on Grand Manan July.16th. This after RCMP arrested someone yesterday for trafficking in ecstasy on the Island. They believe it happened a week ago but found a person who they believe bought some of the pills and were able to put together enough evidence to make an arrest.

The 30-year old has also been told to stay off Grand Manan until his court appearance.

Grass Fire Charge Laid



A grass fire at Shamrock Park in the North End last night has resulted in one young person being arrested and charged. City Fire and Police arrived on the scene and took one person into custody who has since been released until their date with the judge. Last night's blaze brings the total of grass fires this week to over 20 including 11 on Wednesday alone.

Divisional Chief Kevin Clifford spoke with CHSJ News just two weeks ago and reminds anyone thinking of lighting a grass fire that it is ARSON, it is dangerous to property and people and if caught, you will be charged.