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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Local Mother Responds To Ontario Autism Letter

International media attention for an Ontario mom who recieved an anonymous letter from a neighbor, telling her it would be better to euthanize her child with autism because he bothers others in the neighborhood. 

Amanda Hensey has four kids ages one to 10. Her 10 year old and her 3 year old have autism. 

She tells CHSJ News judgment from strangers pours salt in the wound. Hensey urges people to try and give parents the benefit of the doubt when their kids are having a meltdown, or even help by holding a door or offering to help bring grocery bags out to the car. 

She says in a way she's glad the letter has gotten so much attention because it draws attention to prejudices that still exist against families of kids with autism and other disorders.

Town Will Help Those Displaced By Recreation Project

A $13 million project in Rothesay is slated to start in the Spring of next year.

Common Council approving in principle the building of a new arena on Scott Avenue, as well the refurbishment of the existing complex.

Before the new arena goes up, some residents in the area will have to leave their homes, but will they have to do it on their own dime? Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News town council plans on helping those people move and paying for any expenses they run up.

The town of Rothesay is calling for proposals for architectural design services right away. The new arena will include an indoor walking track and a full-size ice surface and it's expected to take between eight and 10 months to build.

A proposed field house was estimated to cost between $25-30 million dollars, but the town said that was just too pricey. Bishop says they're hoping to get several million dollars from both provincial and federal governments for this project.

Residents Petition Council To Remove Barricade

Standing room only at Quispamsis town hall, as a petition to remove a cement barricade on Autumn Avenue and Market Street was put before council.

The town's Director of Engineering and Works, Gary Losier tells CHSJ News the town has asked staff to do a traffic analysis of the area, examining speed, traffic volume and other factors. The results will be included in a staff report presented to council before a public hearing on the issue in October.

Losier says in 1984, council enacted a Stop & Close by-law to stop industrial vehicles from driving on the street. Since then, he says there have been many requests to open it back up and they've all been turned down.

Published by Ken Val Co-op Food Market, the petition says the barricade is bad for their business and other businesses in the area because when having to drive around the town to get to their store, drivers pass two other similar stores. 

The petition has 177 signatures.

Drug Bust In Chipman

A drug bust in Chipman has resulted in the arrest of a 58 year old and a 60 year old man.

Police executed a search warrant Friday, finding a quantity of cocaine at a home on Beers Lane in Chipman.

Sixty-year-old Gordon Stockford of Chipman has been charged with possession of cannabis resin and possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.

The 58-year-old was released without charges. Stockford is expected to appear in court next month.

Peel Plaza Grand Opening Tomorrow

After waiting over 40 years for their own home, the Saint John police force will celebrate their new home in style tomorrow.

Sgt. Jay Henderson tells CHSJ News the event at Peel Plaza features an honour guard, parade, dignetaries and a bbq.

He says it was a  big transition to move from their floors at City Hall to a new facility and he thinks most of the members are fitting in quite well.

The festivities begin at 1130 tomorrow morning at Peel Plaza.

New Mill Rat Hopes To Crack An NBA Roster

An Ontario basketball player will be bringing his talents to the Mill Rats this fall.

Mike Luby was drafted by the Mill Rats in the National Basketball league of Canada Draft.

Luby says it's been a long road to get this far adding between injuries and other disappointments he thought his career was over but he stuck with it and feels like he can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The 6'11'' Luby says the NBL will give him a good chance to crack an NBA roster.

It's The First Day Of A New Summer Festival

It's the first day of Saint John's newest summer theater festival.

The Fundy Fringe Festival features 125 shows over five days by 25 acts including dance, music, improv, performance art and stand-up comedy. It kicks off officially at 11:30 this morning at the Sanctuary Theater, and live shows will be held at various uptown venues until the 10:15 tonight.

Most acts cost $10 or less and last less than an hour. For a full description of all the acts, click here and a schedule click here

Smell Of Gas Prompts Response In Quispamsis

Were you wondering what the commotion was with emergency vehicles behind the Kingsway care centre on the trek home?

We can tell you KV fire and others responded to a smell of gas in an unoccupied home on Prince Francois Drive.

No one was hurt but it appears propane leaked from a cylinder in the home.

It was quickly secured.

Construction Work On Union Street

It's a good plan to avoid Union street today.

Union Street between Charlotte and Dorchester streets will be closed between 7:30 and 5 today. 

Crews are completing infrastructure maintenance work.

Quispamsis Elementary Wants Natural Playground

What if, instead of building a playground out of plastic and metal, you built one out of your natural surroundings? 

That's the idea behind a natural playground, which is what Quispamsis Elementary School wants built in its backyard. 

Their Community Play spokesperson, Christy Bourque tells CHSJ News natural playgrounds help kids understand their limits, take risks, meet challenges and some people say they can even cut down on bullying.

The playground is estimated to cost $740,000 dollars. Through fundraising efforts, students and their parents have raised $75,000. They've approached the town asking for their land and financial help. Quispamsis council referring the matter to town staff.