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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Local and International Students Beautify The City

Students from Rothesay-Netherwood School and others around the globe making the City prettier in several community services projects.

It started at Glen Falls school this morning with work on a playground and the creation of an outdoor classroom.

RNS student Olivia Murphy is a delegate for the conference and CHSJ News asked her about the benefits of building a bridge on a Rockwood Park trail with other international students.

She says she thinks it gives people a better perspective on what's going in the world and she is happy to help out in her own community.

The students are also working on projects at the Forest Hills sports complex and launching a community garden at Lorne Middle School.

Coastguard Chopper Flying From Saint John To Grand Manan

A Coastguard chopper flying in Saint John's sky isn't an everyday sight, and some may be wondering what it was doing.

Stephen Bornais of Fisheries and Oceans Canada tells CHSJ News that the helicopter was traveling from Saint John to Grand Manan to do maintenance on the Gannet Rock lighthouse.

New Business Program Being Offered For Tradespeople

A new program is being offered for tradespeople who want to break into the business world. 

The Atlantic Trades Business Seal is a certification program that will teach people in the trades how to open up their own business or move up in an already existing business.

It's being offered in five colleges across the east coast including the New Brunswick Community College. In order to achieve the business seal, program participants are required to complete 150 hours of study in five different areas.

Training and Labour Minister Danny Soucy says that this program provides the link between the skills required for the respective trade, and the skills it takes to run a business, which he says, are two very different things.

The Conference Board of Canada saying that nearly one million positions in trades will open up nationwide due to retirements by 2020.

For more information on the program, click here.

Convictions Against City Police Officer Thrown Out

The Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of a suspended city police officer who was convicted on charges of assault and making threats after his house was broken into.

Constable Chris Messer was convicted of threatening Brett McAdam behind the Canadian Tire store on the east side and assaulting Randy King while in a police car outside the city lockup. Both testified Messer accused them of breaking into his home which later had bullets fired into it in a drive by shooting. 

Both of those convictions have been overturned.

The Court of Appeal still has to decide in the next few months whether Messer will be acquitted on the assault charge or stand trial again. His status as a police officer still has to be determined.

Fire Damage Called Significant

A coffee shop in Oromocto sustaining significant damage from an overnight fire reported shortly before 1:00.

The fire was in the restaurant area of the Sour Grapes Cafe on Restigouche Road and no one was hurt.

There was, however,extensive smoke, water and heat damage. There's no word yet on how it got started.

Oil and Gas Industry Executive Describes Meeting With NB Politicians From His Perspective

The province's movers and shakers made a case in Calgary for bringing oil and gas to the Port City, but what did that case look like from the other side?

Greg Stringham of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers tells CHSJ News it was crystal-clear to him that mayor Mel Norton believes that this would revive our economy and keep our workforce from migrating to Alberta.

Stringham tells us what he took away from the meeting was that they are clearly focused on not only the opportunities it would bring in terms of jobs in New Brunswick, but the opportunuity for additional businesses and for workers in the province to be able to have those opportunities close to home. He says that was emphasized to them.

Only time will tell whether their pitch will be accepted. Stringham tells us that they'll be able to make a call when TransCanada's open-season ends in mid-June.