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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Irving Oil Urges Energy Commission To Consider Changes Carefully

Irving Oil making a presentation to the New Brunswick Energy Commission as they hold their final public input session on creating a 10 year energy plan for the province.

While not mentioning any specifics, Irving Oil spokesperson Kevin Scott says any future changes to policy or regulations should be considered carefully.

He says while Irving Oil may seem like a large company by local or provincial standards but, he says they are a small company next to the companies they compete against.

Scott offers one example being Valero Energy in Texas which has 14 refineries compared to Irving Oil's 1.   They say action that would increase their operating costs or slow down their ability to respond to market conditions will make them less competitive.

You Can Now Text Votes For The Bay

You can now text your love for the Bay of Fundy.

The campaign to promote the Bay of Fundy in the New 7 Wonders of Nature contest is now including text voting.

The bay is the only Canadian finalist in the global campaign with the winners will be announced November 11th.  To vote: text the word Fundy to 77077.

Municipal Operations Crews Are Ready For Rain And Tackling The Potholes

As if the City's Municipal Operations department haven't been busy enough this winter, a mild spell is revealing horrendous potholes.
Kevin Rice says they are preparing for tomorrow's rain and the anticipated snow melt that will come as it combines with very mild temperatures.

Rice tells CHSJ News their crews are out weekly identifying potholes and adding them to the list. He says they prioritize typically by size and the type of damage they could do to a vehicle and tackle those ones first.

Rice adds the potholes that citizens call them about, they are often already aware of.  He adds crews did put pylons up yesterday alerting drivers to a particular nasty pothole on Chesley Drive.

CFIB Opposes Increases For Minimum Wage

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is speaking out against the decision by the Alward government to proceed with two 50 cent increases in the minimum wage this year to raise it to 10 dollars an hour as of September 1st. The C-F-I-B's provincial affairs director, Andrea Bourgeois tells CHSJ News the move ignores reality.

She says the reality is this province has a very sluggish economy and employers have soft hiring plans with many jobs lost last year and she thinks increasing the minimum wage will only hurt the people it's trying to help.

Bourgeois also points out most small businesses are operating on very small profit margins and raising the minimum wage also means higher costs for E-I, C-P-P and workers compensation premiums.

Saint John Cabinet Minister Proposing Rockwood Park Be Protected

Saint John Portland MLA Trevor Holder, who's also the Provincial Tourism Minister, will be making a pitch to Common Council about designating Rockwood Park as a provincial heritage site.

Holder tells CHSJ News with council recently nixing residential development by the park, he says it's time to act now to prevent further development.

He says the park does have significant historical value, such as Charles Gorman winning a world speedskating championship at Lily Lake in 1926.

Holder says he wants to give councillors as many options as possible and will be presenting his data to them in the near future.

Gas Prices Remain Stable Despite Unrest In Middle East

Another mixed bag when it comes to gas prices after the weekly setting.

Self serve regular going up by a cent a litre in the city to $1.10.4 with diesel dropping a bit to $1.22.4.

Heating oil is virtually unchanged being listed at 108.1.