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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quispamsis Mayor Says There Are No Major Disagreements With Rothesay

Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll says it would be wrong to downplay the upcoming discussions between his town and Rothesay on how to better co-operate.

Driscoll is part of a committee that will take part in the face to face discussions with their counterparts in Rothesay and has no doubt a study on amalgamation will be talked about as well. He doesn't see the point of talking about amalgamation until you have all the information about the ramifications.

In his view, Driscoll doesn't believe there are any burning issues of disagreement between the two towns and there's a misperception they're at one another's throats.

City Called On To Develop Strategy On Arts And Culture

(Ward 3 Common Council Candidate Mark Leger)
                        (File Photo)

The time has come for Saint John to develop a strategy on arts and culture to build on the momentum of being designated a cultural capital of Canada this year.

That message being delivered by one of the candidates running in the December 13th byelection to fill the seat on Common Council left vacant when Carl Killen was elected as the M-L-A for Saint John Harbour.

Mark Leger tells CHSJ News he disagrees with those people who dismiss spending on arts and culture as a waste of money. Leger goes on to say culture is much more than just public art and can become a vital part of the local economy especially when cities are trying to attract people of creativity who work in the knowledge economy.

Taxpayers Watchdog Group Would Welcome Privatisation Of NB Liquor

There have been noises from the Alward Government about privatising NB Liquor.

Kevin Lacey of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation in the Atlantic Region tells CHSJ News this would be a good step for all concerned. He predicts if NB Liquor were privatised, there would be more competitition, better service for consumers and government revenues would actually increase as a result.

Given the size of the deficit, Lacey can see the province privatising more of its assets such as the iconic Algonquin Hotel in St. Andrews.

Continuing Testimony In Murder Case

There was more eyewitness testimony at the 2nd degree murder trial of 28 year old Crystal Dawn McKenzie who's charged in the stabbing death of her common law husband, 29 year old Patrick Thomas.

Two people who live at 260 Waterloo Street told the court what they saw in the early morning of March 15th.

Both say they heard yelling in the street and saw McKenzie being pinned against a wall and dragged along Alma Street by the hair before emerging from an apartment building on Alma Street with a knife raised above her shoulder.

The court was told there was a struggle before the man fell to the ground.

Both of the witnesses testified McKenzie was friendly, nice and not violent.

Several Arrests Made By RCMP

The case appears to have been cracked by Hampton RCMP in connection with a string of break, enter and thefts in the St. Martins area over the past few weeks.

Three men and a teenager have been arrested after a search warrant was executed at a home in Baxter's Corner where stolen property was found.

Officers also recovered several other items, ride on lawn mowers, tools and liquor, not related to the search.

A 23-year old man is due in Sussex court today with other people arrested to appear before a judge in the coming weeks.

RCMP expect to make other arrests related to the crimes.

Hestia House Says No To Used Goods For Now

Used goods are no longer being accepted at Hestia House due to the recent out-break of bed bugs around the Province.

Director Elaine Northrup tells CHSJ News, this is a direct hit to it's residents who are looking for clothing and furniture to set up an apartment with.
Northrup says the shelter has not been hit with bed-bugs and by putting this measure in place, they hope to keep it that way.

Lung Association promoting Awareness

10 per cent of people over the age of 40 could have COPD and not even know it.

The Lung Association is promoting the spirometry tests to diagnose the disorder.

Director of Health Promotion Barbara Walls tells CHSJ News, they are trying to create awareness of the simple test.

Walls add COPD commonly afflicts long-time smokers even if they have quit for a period of years.

Tele-Care Now Available For Those With Disability

Modern technology has taken another step forward for anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing.

Access is now available to Tele-Care with TTY systems for anyone who suffers from either condition to use the telephone to communicate by typing messages.

Tele-Care is a provincewide, 24-hour, toll-free bilingual service that provides a range of health-related information, including advice and assistance on how best to get health-care services for specific needs.

Deadline Nears For By-election Nominations

Nominations close tomorrow for the December 13th municipal by-elections here in the city and in Grand Bay-Westfield.
So far -- four people have filed nomination papers for the vacant Ward 3 seat -- John Campbell - Mark Leger - Anne-Marie Mullin - and - Danny Robichaud.
In Grand Bay-Westfield there are three official candidates for the vacant council seat -- Stephen Evans - Mike Likely - and - Allen Titus.
Nomination papers must be filed by tomorrow afternoon at two.

New Brunswick's Belt Continues to Add Notches

(NB Health Council CEO Stephane Robichaud)
                   (File Photo)

Health behaviours are getting worse in the province -- that according to the second Population Health Snapshot by the New Brusnwick Health Council.

Council CEO St├ęphane Robichaud tells CHSJ News, we are the most obese province.

However, this province ranks second in the country when it comes to having a regular medical doctor.

Robichaud adds the province has a high number of doctors per capita and good public access.

Discussing Arts And Culture

Finding out how to include culture into building design is the focus of a panel discussion tonight.

It's part of the cultural capital of Canada speaker series which is included in the Saint John 225 celebrations.

Executive Director of the Saint John Arts Center Heather White-Britain tells CHSJ News, tonight's talk is the last in the series.

The Building By Design panel discussion features Steve Carson of Enterprise Saint John and Jaqueline Hamilton of Plan SJ and gets started at 7 at the Saint John Arts Centre.

Petroleum Products On The Rise

As predicted, the price of gasoline, diesel, propane and furnace oil are all up.

The Energy and Utilities Board has released it's latest weekly price setting which shows the maximum retail for unleaded gasoline is $105.2, diesel comes in at $111.9, furnace oil is selling for 92.1 a litre and propane tops off at 97.8.

Most gas stations in the metro have a listed pump price of $105.2.