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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Missing Man's Car Discovered Off Highway 7

A 52-year old Saint John man was killed in a crash on Highway 7 in the Petersville Hill area.  The collision was discovered on August 2, 2012, but it is believed to have occurred on July 31.  The victim had been reported missing.

The victim’s vehicle left the road, crashed through a moose fence, and rolled over. It came to rest upside down in a wooded area and was not visible from the main highway.  

 The name is not being released at this time, pending notification of his family.

Some Kids Trading Sex For Drugs and Alcohol

A disturbing trend coming out of a recent study from the Canadian Institute of Health Research: small-town kids from grades 7-12 trading sex for alcohol, marijuana and other drugs.

Dr Elizabeth Saewick says such trades are just as common in rural areas as they are in big cities--and it's not just a problem for homeless and disaffected youth.

Saewick tells CHSJ News the practice was reportedly equally often among boys and girls, and most of the kids said they live at home with their parents.

2% of the 2,360 students surveyed had traded sex for drugs. Saewick says to protect kids from exploitation, you need to talk to them about what healthy relationships look like.

Doucet and Dube Butt Heads Over Air Ambulance Service

Grand Manan Islanders breathing a bit easier now that their tie with mainland medical services is back--Health Minister Madeline Dube says she realized the importance of the island's air ambulance service when she visited the island and witnessed firsthand its unpredictable weather patterns.

But Charlotte-the-Isles MLA Rick Doucet tells CHSJ News Dube shouldn't be taking any credit because according to him delays in the service resulted in the death of one islander. He questions whether Dube "thinks she's some sort of hero" and slams the fact that the suspension of service happened in the first place.

Doucet says the air ambulance system wasn't broken before and nothing should have been changed.

You Can See Sculptors Do Their Thing

Sculpture Saint John getting a financial boost from the province to the tune of 40 thousand dollars just prior to the start of work on large pieces of granite down on the coast guard site at the waterfront which you'll be able to see created. 

Six sculptors have come to Saint John from different parts of the world to create works of art with the help of local interns over the next six weeks beginning tomorrow.

Diana Alexander tells CHSJ News the works of art are already destined for permanent locations in the region in Rothesay, Quispamsis, Grand Bay-Westfield, St. George, U-N-B Saint John as well as the city.
Alexander says 150 artists from 47 different countries applied to take part in this symposium. Those who were chosen come from such far flung locations as Japan, Germany and Bulgaria.

New Brunswickers Not Buying As Much Booze These Days

We now have a better idea why NB Liquor is looking to to open up more agency outlets around the province with the goal being to increase sales. 

NB Liquor is reporting its sales for the first quarter of 2012 and 2013 were off by 4.7 million dollars or 4.5 per cent.

Total sales amounted to 99.2 million dollars with lower earnings of 1.1 million. 

The drop is being attributed to fewer people coming in to buy. 

The sale of beer and hard liquor were both down....Beer by 7.4 per cent or 4.4 million dollars and liquor by 1.9 per cent or 400 thousand dollars. 

Wine sales continue to increase, rising by 200 thousand dollars or 1.4 per cent.

Investigation Into Alleged Anti-Gay Slurs Completed

The Maritime Football League has been investigating allegations of homophobic slurs on the field during a semi-final game. The alleged incident involved members of the Saint John Wanderers. According to MFL Commissioner Eric Sabean, the investigation has been completed pending any new information.

He says they investigated the alleged slurs by speaking to the officials on the field and attempting to track down the alleged targets of the slurs.

 Sabean tells CHSJ News,  "We spoke to our officials, who were in the best position to hear any comments that would have been directed at the stick crew or anybody close the sidelines. They have stated that they heard nothing. If they had, the player(s) in question would have been penalized and an infraction as severe as that would have likely resulted in an ejection from the game and review by the league's disciplinary committee"

During the same game, now ex-team president Anthony Capson threw a punch at a Wanderers player and has been charged with assault.

Gas Prices Change For The Better

Self serve regular in the city has gone down in price from $1.24.7 a litre to $1.22.5 after the weekly setting.

Diesel has also dropped by just over a cent. 

The maximum price for propane is also up by half a cent a litre to 94.9 cents. 

Heating oil is a bit cheaper by over a cent to $1.12.2 a litre.