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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Smokers Must Move Further Away From Harbour Station

2011 brings with it some new rules including a tougher smoking policy at Harbour Station.
The aim is to reduce second-hand smoke to the users of the facility.
Under the new rules, smoking is not allowed within ten metres (about 33 feet) of the building.  The new policy get it's first real test at the Saint John Mill Rats regular season home opener tomorrow.

The Graphic Pictures On Smokes Do Work

A spokesperson with the Province's Lung Association thinks increasing the size of pictures of diseased lungs and mouths on cigarette packaging is a good move by Ottawa.

Barb MacKinnon tells CHSJ News research shows people definitely react to the pictures.
She says the same pictures have been in place for 10 years in this country and needed to be refreshed.
MacKinnon adds they hope the images will aid in keeping young people from starting to smoke and help smokers to consider quitting.

Support Helps In Keeping Resolutions

Weight loss and becoming fit are the most popular types of resolutions that many people are making today.

A clinical social worker at Addictions and Mental Health Services in Fredericton says people are choose things that are not realistic.
Tom Wellings tells CHSJ News it's easier to keep your resolutions when you have support.
He says it takes about six months for it to become an automatic kind of behaviour.
Wellings adds an action plan with simple steps will help you stick to your goal.

Bus Fares Increase Today

You will need a little more jingle in your pocket to hop on a City bus today.
Saint John Transit increasing adult fares by a quarter to $2.75 as of today, while for seniors and passengers 14 and under will go up to $2.50.

On February 1st, monthly passes go up to $70 for adults, $60 for students and $50 for seniors.

2011 Brings More Work On Plan SJ

Most of this year will be spent putting together a new municipal plan for the city to guide future development. The late Eric Teed argued for higher density residential development in the uptown and now thnat appears to be the new direction. David Thompson of the Friends of Rockwood Park hopes the plan, when it's presented to Common Council late this year, does not ignore what has come to be known as the greening of the city.

He says they have talked a lot of development but, he believes there should be a focus on conservation and community.
Thompson is concerned most of the emphasis seems to be on development.

Regional Police Kept Busy Last Night

Two local police forces were busy with New Year's Eve revellers who went a little too far.
Here in the city, Saint John police receiving over 100 calls mostly relating to assaults with one breathalyser issued.

Officers were also checking for drunk drivers with the RIDE program for a five-hour stretch but, didn't nab any.

It was a similar story in the KV, with Rothesay Regional Police kept busy in the early morning hours with one breathalyser.