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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Decision On School Closure Far From Being Made

Chair of the District 8 Education Council Rob Fowler says the fate of Morna Heights School is far from sealed.

The DEC has been hosting public meetings as they look at possibly closing Morna Heights, Grand Bay Primary, and/or Inglewood Schools in order to have a new one built in Grand Bay-Westfield.

Fowler tells CHSJ News he doesn't want anybody to think that the decision to close down Morna Heights has already been made and the meetings have been lip service.

He says the meetings have been the DEC's way of performing due diligence and to see the impact a closure would have on the community.

The DEC will send a recommendation to the province in February.

There will be public input session tonight at Inglewood beginning at 7pm.

Bangor Police Warning City Police of "Bath Salts"

The Bangor Police Department sounding the warning bell on a synthetic stimulant that has been plaguing Maine for the past few years.

The drug is called bath salts and can be obtained legally over the internet.  Bath salts can cause hallucinations, paranoia, and even suicide.

Lt. Tom Reagan tells CHSJ News it's only a matter of time before bath salts become a problem in Saint John and it's important to share knowledge about the drug so that we don't have to deal with the problem from the ground up.
He says both police and EMS need policies when dealing with someone on the drug as it is a medical emergency.

Reagan will be speaking tonight at Ridgewood at 7pm and the event is open to the public.

New Program Off Up To $2000 To Famillies For Education

A federal program that helps famillies who don't have a lot of cash save for their kids education is looking for parents to sign up.
Wendy MacDermott of Vibrant Communities Saint John tells CHSJ News the program is part of the RESP program and aims to help famillies that make less than $41,000 and with children born after January 1st, 2004.

MacDermott says famillies can earn up to $2000 for their children's post-secondary education.

Service Canada and five different banks will be set up on Saturday at the Boys and Girls Club for parents who are willing to sign up.

Transportation is being provided by the Main Street Baptist Church bus.    
To get a seat on the bus, call Juanita at 647-4850.

For more info the Canada Learning Bond, click here

Turkey Drive and Christmas Kettle Campaign Kicks Off Today

The Salvation Army kicking off their annual Turkey Drive and Christmas Kettle Campaign.

Spokesperson Captain Darren Wiseman tells CHSJ News last year they fed over 500 families and raised over 80-thousand dollars.  He says they are hoping to raise the bar this year by getting over a thousand turkeys and surpass last year's fundraising total.
He says the Salvation Army feeds 50 to 60 people a day and every donation helps.

Our Facebook Friends Speak Out On The Joshua Group

Our Facebook friends have some opinions on the Joshua Group trying to find a permanent home in the City.

Michelle suggests they try to get a hold of the church on Broad street beside St. John the Baptist so the building won't go to waste and the kids will have a place to go.

Jessica says Bobby Hayes and the Joshua group deserve to have a place to go where they can get a good breakfast, a hot meal, and help with whatever it is they may need. These kids deserve a chance to have any kind of a successful future.

Tammy finds it sad the government can't take kids into consideration when this a good chance for them to have a place to go and have access to many things they otherwise wouldn't have access too.

You can choice the conversation by clicking here

Gas Prices Are A Mixed Bag After Weekly Setting

If you use self serve regular, you'll be pleased after the weekly setting for gas prices but not so if you fill up with diesel. 

The maximum price for self serve regular has dropped by almost 2 cents a litre but the max for diesel is up by almost 3 cents. 

There was a three cent a litre increase in the price of home heating oil which has risen to $1.22.6.

Propane with a listed price of $1.15.4 is just about the same as it was.