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Monday, November 14, 2011

Liquor Recall In Province

A recall is underway at liquor stores and agency outlets across the province. 

Woody's Mexican Lime Alcoholic Vodka Beverage, in both the single serve and four-pack format, is being recalled because it might have glass fragments.
All Woody's products have been removed from the shelves of all liquor stories and agency outlets in the province following a national recall by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
If you have bought the product, you can return it to the nearest NB Liquor outlet and get a full refund.

Parents Get To Have Their Say On Possible School Closures

The District 8 Education Council has scheduled more meetings this week to talk about the possible closure of three schools, including Morna Heights, in favour of a brand new school in Grand Bay-Westfield. 

The town's Mayor Grace Losier tells CHSJ News a new school has been needed in Grand Bay-Westfield for some time to enhance the education opportunities for young people and local M-L-A Dr. Jim Parrot is also on board.

The first meeting is tomorrow night in Morna Heights school where the criticism of the the possible closure has been the most vocal starting at 7:00.

Mayor Ivan Court plans to make a presentation arguing against shutting down the school. He claims it would be bad for the city's economy.

Grand Bay Elementary and Inglewood might also be closed with the final decision resting with the Provincial Education Department.

PANB Would Claw Back The MLA's Free Lunch

If they should form a government, the People's Alliance of New Brunswick would claw back the free ride and the free lunch for MLA's.
The party's leader says provincial MLA's are misusing taxpayer dollars in claiming over $835,000 in expenses.
Leader Kris Austin tells CHSJ News they would reduce the rate given for travel which is currently 39 cents per kilometre.

He says they would reduce that significantly while still making it reasonable for the MLA's who are travelling from the Northern part of the province to Fredericton.   The PANB is proposing 19 cents a kilometre.

Austin tells us they would also do away with the $40 MLA's get a day for meals adding thousands of New Brunswickers go to work every day and their employers do not pay for them to have lunch.

Tragic End To Bordertown Hunting Trip

It's a sad day in St. Stephen as a father and son hunting trip ends tragically.

RCMP looking into the death of a 35-year-old man in woods near the Bordertown yesterday.

Just after 4pm, RCMP and other emergency officials responding to a report of a man being shot.

The Oak Haven man and his seven-year-old son were travelling on an ATV in the woods and when he went to get off the ATV, his loaded rifle went off wounding him.    His son walked about three kilometres to his grandparent's house and they called police but, when they returned to the scene he was dead.

The man's name is not being released until family are notified.

This Is Your Last Chance To File On Lepreau Application

Today is the deadline for filing submissions on N-B Power's application to renew the operating licence for Point Lepreau.  
The utility is requesting a five year licence term and is also seeking the o-k to load fuel in the reactor under terms of the current licence.  
The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission will hold a public hearing on the applications here in the city beginning December 1st.
For more information or to file a submission click here.

Sandy Point Road Remains Closed

Sandy Point Road remains closed between Thornbrough Street and Samuel Davis Drive.
There is a large sinkhole on the road.
Leah Fitzgerald from the City tells CHSJ News it's because of Friday's 88 millimetres of rain.

She says there is only local access allowed along Sandy Point Road between Thornbrough Street and Samuel Davis Drive.
For anyone trying to access Hazen White- St. Francis school and the daycare on Maclaren Boulevard, you can only do so through Millidgeville.

Fitzgerald does not know at this point when the road will be reopened to traffic.
For more info, call the City at 658-4455.

Police Looking Into Sunday Night Robbery

Major Crime looking for your help in identifying those responsible for an armed robbery on Sunday.

Just after 10pm, two men came into an apartment on King Street East where a 33-year-old man was assaulted and robbed.
Police do not believe this is a random act.

The two men are believed to be white,  in their late teens or early twenties between 5 foot 8 and 5 foot 10 weighing about 170 pounds and both wearing black hoodies, toques, dark pants and gloves.

If you saw anything, call 1-800-222-8477 or Saint John Police at 648-3333.

Road Closure In City

Officials with Municipal Operations advising drivers Sandy Point Road between Thornborough Drive and Sam Davis Drive is closed until further notice due to damage to the road caused by Friday`s storm during which the city received 88 millimeters of rain.

Saint John Students Overwhelmingly See Their Schools As Being Safe

96 per cent of grade 9 students and parents who responded to a survey in School District 8 say the transition from middle school to high school was a positive experience. 

Rob Fowler who chairs the District 8 Education Council credits the staggered start which saw only the grade 9 students go to school on the first day so they wouldn't be hassled by students in grades 10, 11 and 12. 

Fowler says he would like to see an even more staggered start next year.

The Saint John figure was higher than the provincial average.

City Is Not Stagnating According To GM Of Saint John Development Corporation

Alot has been happening in Saint John that may have slipped under the radar. So claims Kent McIntyre of the Saint John Development Corporation who points to over 500 million dollars in new construction over the last two years and 20 new business startups just in the uptown core. 

McIntyre is countering the notion that the Hardman Group's decision to bow out of the partnership to develop the Coast Guard site, which would include a new uptown hotel, is evidence the city is stagnating.

Colin Whitcomb of the Hardman Group doesn't necessarily disagree saying Saint John with its waterfront and heritage architecture has alot going for it but when you look at Atlantic Canada as a whole, opportunities in Halifax and St. John's are quite attractive because of local market conditions that are not evident now in New Brunswick.

New Brunswickers Celebrate World Diabetes Day

Today is World Diabetes Day.   This date was chosen because it's the birthday of Dr. Frederick Banting--the man who discovered insulin.
Jake Reid, Regional Director of the Canadian Diabetes Association, tells CHSJ News it's significant with this year being the 90th anniversary since it was discovered.

Reid says Banting has an incredible Canadian story and he encourages everyone to google it and learn more about it.

You are encouraged to drop by level 1 Brunswick Square for a special surprise at 12:30 this afternoon.  For more information, call 1-800-884-4232 or click here