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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Education Council Honours Teacher Who Saved Student

The District 8 Education Council giving special recognition to Saint John High Vice-Principal Micheal Chaisson for helping to save a 16 year old student at the school from drownming almost two weeks ago.

Jordan Murty was discovered not moving at the bottom of the pool.

Chaisson tels CHSJ News it was like time stood still as he applied what he learned from training in C-P-R.

Two other teachers later took over with the chest compressions and clearing Jordan's air way until he came round.

Police Investigating Several Scams

City police are currently investigating a number of scams going around in the city.

One such scam involves being contacted by someone posing as a lawyer or police officer. 

They claim that a relative of the intended victim needs money immediately to help pay for a motor vehicle accident or bail.  The scammer requests the money to be sent immediately through Western Union and for the situation to be kept on the down low for fear of embarrassment.

You should notify police if you think you have been contacted by a scammer or have been defrauded.

Most Travelers Believe In "Jetiquette"

Someone you know is jetting off for the March break and a new survey by Travelocity made some interesting discoveries about travelling etiquette or "jetiquette".Brian Simpson tells CHSJ News finding out 34 per cent of us would give up or window or aisle seat to allow others to sit together says a lot.

Simpson says it was surprising to find out most people are ok with the person sitting next to them taking off their shoes as long as they don't smell.

Digital Fistfights To Be Held This Weekend

Calling all gamers -- there is a video game tournament coming up in Saint John this weekend.  Fight For Infinity is a day-long event featuring the games "Super Street Fighter 4"  and "Marvel Vs. Capcom 3."

One of the organizers, Adrian Silva, tells CHSJ News this event is the first major gaming tournament in the city and another is already being planned in September.

Registration for the tournament starts at 10am Saturday at the Chinese Commerce Centre on Cobourg Street.

The first game gets underway at 1pm.

Gas Prices In City Up Again

No surprise with the price of gas after the weekly setting.........It continues to increase.

Self serve regular is now up to $1.19.6 which is more than 2 and a half cents higher.

Diesel rose by 2 and a half cents and is being sold around town for an even $1.31 a litre.

Heating oil rose even more, by almost 3 cents a litre, and is listed at $118.1.

The price of self serve remains below the Canadian average.

Feds And Province Say No Delays With Removing Tolls

The provincial government says as far as it's concerned, there are no delays when it comes to removing the tolls on Harbour Bridge at the end of the month.

There have been reports that the Federal government would not be able to take the necessary legal steps to forgive the bridge's 22 million dollar loan by March 31st, which would keep the tolls alive until at least June.

Saint John MP Rodney Weston says that is simply not true. He says the debt will be forgiven once ownership has been transferred to the province and the tolls have been lifted.

Saint John Portland M-L-A Trevor Holder says he has been told by the Premier's office that negotiations are continuing.

City Judge Gets Support on No Tolerance For Drugs On School Property

Saint John Provincial Court Judge Bill McCarroll has the backing of School District 8 Superintendent Susan Tipper for his intention to send students to jail if they are found using or even possessing drugs on school property.

Tipper tells CHSJ News the school district also take a dim view of such criminal behaviour with the imposition of an immediate suspension, a meeting with the student's parents or guardians and the implementation of an intervention plan.

The judge sentenced a 19 year old student at Harbourview High to 15 days in jail for having marijuana on school property.