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Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Love is Louder" Anti-Bullying Rally a Success

If you heard about the bullying incident at Hampton Middle School last Thursday, you might have wondered how the community responded.

Over 150 people attended an anti-bullying rally in Hampton Saturday. It featured a motivational speaker, music, and presentations. MLA Bev Harrison was in attendance.

Local mom Leanne Cochrane tells CHSJ news that an incident we reported earlier this month--a young girl at Hampton Middle School getting held down and her hair cut---inspired her to hold the rally. The larger message was that "love is louder"--in other words, that kindness is a stronger force than intimidation.

Cochrane hopes to continue the campaign with other forms of anti-bullying education.

Heated Oposition to Fire Service Cuts at Rally Yesterday

Three hundred people braved frigid temperatures on Saturday to show their support for the city's fire services. This coming after last week's announcement that the proposed budget for the fire department is 460-thousand dollars less than last year. Despite that council cancelled that closed-door meeting, event organizers decided to press on anyway and get their message out.

Paul Stackhouse, the President of the Fire Fighter's Association, tells CHSJ news that yesterday's rally is just the tip of the iceberg. They've also launched a door-to-door campaign, and are raising awareness of the cuts through Facebook and Twitter.

Stackhouse says that the proposed cuts would mean that jobs get cut and trucks get taken off the road--which would pose safety risks to Saint Johners, as well as potentially raising insurance rates.

For more information, go to their Facebook group at!/events/239679742775041/

Or follow the Fire Fighter's Association on Twitter: @iafflocal771

Deputy Mayor Wants Job Cuts At City Hall

Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase says the city should go ahead and cut 100 jobs even if the province grants it pension reforms.

Chase tells CHSJ News the 9 million dollars earmarked for pension payments should still be used to pay off the pension deficit instead of being funneled back into the budget.

He says the city needs to really examine who it gives money to and look into contracting out certain services.
He says debt payments will continue to grow over the next few years so council needs to start preparing for it.