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Friday, April 6, 2012

Workplace Injuries Go Down In Province

WorkSafe NB had a banner 2011.
According to it's annual report, injury frequency decreased by 1 percent while the province recorded the second lowest injury rate in the country.
WorkSafe President and CEO Gerard Adams tells CHSJ News he's very happy with the results.
He says there was also a decrease in the average assessment and our rates remain the lowest in Atlantic Canada. 

WorkSafeNB was also able to record a 55 million dollar surplus.

Provincial Government Wants Your Opinion On Proposed Natural Gas Changes

Court action is still possible over the proposed new natural gas regulations from ther Alward Government. The General Manager of Enbridge Gas Dave Charleson tells CHSJ News legal avenues are still be explored. 

In the meantime, Charleson says Enbridge Gas has let the government know any expansion of the natural gas system in the province would grind to a halt and he claims would be a shame for those people who want more affordable energy but don't have access to it.
The provincial government is looking for feedback on its proposed changes which have been denounced by former provincial cabinet minister Bud Bird as over reach. 

Ganongs and J-D Irving have been quite vocal in claiming they pay too much for natural gas.

Doctor Is Running In Rothesay For Election To Town Council

Dr. Nancy Grant, a radiation oncologist, will be running for a seat on Rothesay Town Council. 

She tells CHSJ News the town should development a youth strategy because it isn't immune to the same problems experienced in the city when it comes to young people. 

She also is calling for an affordable housing strategy and more accessible housing for people who are disabled.
Dr. Grant, who served on the old Renforth Council 20 years ago, says the town has done a good job handling its finances and she would like to continue keeping the tax rate low.

North End Councillor Will Seek Another Term

Another member of Common Council confirming she's running again. 

Patty Higgins is in Ward 2 and has locked horns publicly with Mayor Ivan Court over what she sees as inaction on the city's massive pension plan deficit.
In a commentary, Higgins accused the Mayor of playing fast and loose with the truth. 

Higgins points out the money that's going into the city's pension plan means frontline services like public transit, police, fire and water are doing without. 

Higgins has proposed the city pension plan be switched from defined benefits to an R-R-S-P model.

Rising Gas Prices Won't Last

A prediction from someone who should know that gas prices might still go up a bit before going down in Atlantic Canada.

So says Dave Collins of Wilson Fuel. He says speculators are driving up gas prices at the moment but a look at the futures market for gasoline shows a drop coming with the August price expected to be seven cents lower.

It's estimated speculation can drive the price up anywhere from 10 to 25 per cent.

Inter City Shuttle Bus Service Bites The Dust

A Prince Edward Island company has failed to get approval to start a door to door van shuttle service in the province.
Advanced Shuttle Services proposed to set up a reservations only shuttle service using 15-seat passenger vans but the Energy and Utilities Board rejected the application ruling the proposed service isn't covered under the province's Motor Carrier Act and didn't include a regular route.
The company was looking to run two shuttles which would make stops at the Regional Hospital and U-N-B Saint John. There would also be stops in Port Elgin, Moncton and Fredericton.

The company will be allowed to establish a charter service if it so desires.

Update On South End Stabbing

No one has been charged yet in the stabbing of a man in his 40's on Queen Street yesterday afternoon. 

City Police say a woman was taken in for questioning and then released. 

The victim was treated in hospital and released with the investigation continuing.