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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cirque Du Soleil Returns To Saint John

Cirque Du Soleil performers are ready to skip, flip, and fly around Harbour Station this week as they perform in the touring show Quidam.  

The cast is putting on eight performances between now and Sunday.

Spokesperson Georgia Stephenson tells CHSJ News there's something in it for everyone, including thrill circus acts, a beautiful storyline and powerful music.

She says its the story of a young girl who feels disconnected from her mother and father, which is very relevant in today's world of texting and social media.

Stephenson says the 52 person cast has been to 14 cities so far on their North American Tour.  

Tickets are still available online by following this link, or by contacting the Harbour Station Box office at 657-1234.

City Police Still Mum On Oland's Cause Of Death

City police releasing a statement regarding the Oland homicide investigation that says very little.
It says the police will not be commenting on any media reports only those they have authorized.
The release also says any information as to the manner of death or motive, suspects or persons of interest must remain with the investigation team.

The City police also point out their first obligation is to the family of Richard Oland and to the integrity of the investigation.
A memorial is set up outside of Oland's office on Canterbury street.   

Less Council Seats Would Make New Faces Hard To Come By

New blood will be hard to come by at the horseshoe if the city decides to eliminate four council positions- that from Councillor Mel Norton.

He tells CHSJ News he knows from first-hand experience how hard it can be to get into city politics and it would be a rookie to join the ranks if less seats were available.

He says based on feedback he's been getting from Facebook and Twitter, people are not in favour of the reduction as it would stretch the remaining councillors too thin.  He says he is also having second thoughts on supporting such a move.

Changes To Schedule For Union Street Construction

The City making a change to the schedule for the Union Street construction.
This work was set to begin in mid-August and run until late September.
The next phase includes extensive work on the Brunswick Square parking garage along with Wellington Row and Germain Street.

The work includes new sanitary and storm sewers, watermains, underground electrical, sidewalks and curbing along with road reconstruction and paving.
The Union street entrance to the Chipman Hill parking garage will be closed from July 27th to August 12th.   Drivers can use the Chipman hill entrance to the garage.

For more info call 658-4455 or click here

Free Uptown Shuttle Now Available

If you need to get around the uptown core, you can take a free ride on the 40 foot limo.

A free daily shuttle will take passengers from King Square down to Water Street via Prince William. 

The shuttle will run every 15 minutes, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

Chair of the Parking Commission Chris Titus tells CHSJ News it's their way of dealing with the parking shortage due to construction and to make the outlying parking spaces more accessible.

The Parking Commission is paying for service, which is about 50 thousand dollars.

It will run until October 7th.

For more information, call 506 658 2970.

Green Party Urges Shale Gas Opponents To Hold Their Ground

Despite the announcement of new regulations by the Alward Government aimed at protecting homeowners, the provincial Green Party remains opposed to shale gas development.

Party President Janice Harvey tells CHSJ News the method of extraction is extreme. She likens it to exploding a bomb far beneath the ground in order to extract the natural gas.

According to the Greens, studies show the methane released through fracking makes this a greater contributor to greenhouse gas emissions than conventional coal and a net contributor to climate change. Harvey also warns toxic waste water is also produced.

Early Morning Fire In The K-V

The origin of a fire this morning in the K-V is suspicious. It was reported around 1:00 in an unoccupied home at 434 Hampton Road with extensive damage being caused. No one was injured but the cause is under investigation.