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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Memory Project Comes To Saint John

The Memory Project: Stories of the Second World War is travelling the country archiving the memories and memorabilia of veterans.

Project Coordinator Jenna Meisner tells CHSJ News that veterans can even participate over the phone.

Meisner says vets can sit in their favourite chair and tell their stories and they can also mail their memorabilia free of charge and fully insured and they will return it.

The Memory Project will visit Saint John at the Hilton on July 28th.

To find out more visit or call 1-866-701-1867.

Rothesay May Lead In Recycling

(Rothesay Council)
(File Photo)

Recycling in Rothesay may soon be as easy as walking to the end of your driveway.

Mayor Bill Bishop says they've been looking at curbside recycling for a while, and now they've had a response from the Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission recommending a 6 month trial period.

Bishop says the tricky part will be finding a contractor that will bid for only six months. He says they may have to ask the Waste Commission for a 12 month deal instead.

If the project goes through Rothesay will be the first town in Southern New Brunswick to adopt curbside recycling.

Court Talks Assessments

(Mayor Ivan Court)
(File Photo)

The Cities of New Brunswick are demanding a meeting with the Premier and Opposition Leader David Alward to talk about assessments.

Mayor Ivan Court maintains the way the province funds municipalities around the province is inadequate with Saint John getting shortchanged.

Court points out the unconditional grant from the province has gone down from 108 million dollars in 1990 to 68 million dollars today.

Court says at the same time, the provincial government generated more than 300 or 400 million dollars in new revenue through increased assessments.