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Monday, April 20, 2009

Two Men Dead in Greater Saint John



It turned out to be a deadly weekend in Greater Saint John. City Police were called to the Acamac-Backland Road last night around nine o'clock to find a 41-year old man's body had fallen from an ATV and details on what happened are sketchy. Officer's do tell us there may have been an accident on the bike before the driver came off of the vehicle. No name or age is being released and it could be a few days before it is as most of the man's family is out of Province. 

City Police are still working out the details as well after a body was found in East Saint John on Saturday. It was just after 2:30pm the man was discovered in a wooded area near the McAllister Place Mall. An autopsy has been performed but no name or age are being released. Police believe they know who the man is and there are some missing persons files they still have on record.  

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