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Monday, July 6, 2009

President of The West Side Business Association Responds to Concerns

The president of the West Side Business Association says he's surprised a business owner went to the media to voice concerns about a proposed tax, rather than to the group or the city.Owen Boyle tells CHSJ News, the tax is 1 and a half cents on a thousand dollar property assessment, and it's going towards improving the business area on the west side, and to attract more patrons, and businesses.He says the proposal is not designed to hurt any local businesses.
Boyle is responding to Dorothy Shepard the owner of the Colour Centre who said she cannot support the bill, unless she knows exactly what the money will be going towards.He says the West Side Business Association doors are always open, and that if she has any concerns to give them a call --- like almost every other business on the West side has already done.

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