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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Irving Urges Caution When It Comes To Mega Infrastructure Projects

A word of caution from the C-E-O of Fort Reliance formerly known as Irving Oil -- Kenneth Irving told the conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers at the Delta governments should be careful about committing to major infrastructure projects especially energy related projects.
He says we should develop strategies that are flexible enough to respond to the future as it unveils itself.
But Premier Graham isn't taking that as a warning about moving ahead with a second reactor at Point Lepreau -- he says nuclear energy plays a big role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2016.
Meantime -- Graham meets with N-B Power head David Hay later this week to discuss delays and cost overruns on the upgrade of the existing reactor -- problems the Premier is putting at the doorstep of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited which is overseeing the refit.