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Friday, November 27, 2009

RCMP Warn Of Another Phone Scam

Another warning about a phone scam in the area. It was back on Wednesday, a Bellisle Creek woman received a call from a man saying it was her grandson, he was in trouble and needed to be wired some cash for a lawyer. The woman went to her bank but they were suspicious and asked for a fax number from the lawyers office before sending the money. She went back home, the man called back and was furious and told her to go to another bank but they would not deal with her either.

She went back to her bank and they called the RCMP. An officer went home with the senior and when the phone rang, he answered. As soon as he identified himself as RCMP, the man said he had the wrong number and hung up. The call was tarced to a cell-phone in Quebec. Between January and August of this year, 317 similar calls have been made to homes around the country.