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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Several Assualts in Sussex Area

A rash of assaults has been keeping Sussex RCMP busy. Officers were called to a home in Bellisle Creek yesterday for a disturbance. An 18-year old man was being taken into custody when he assaulted one of the officers. He wasn't hurt but the 18-year now has a date with a judge. Later that day, a 20-year old man from Sussex faced off against an 18-year old woman and 20-year old man who were out for a walk. After a conversation, the man went to his car, grabbed an object and threatened the man with it.

He then forced the woman into his vehicle and took off with her. She was dropped off at a home a short time later. No one was hurt but the 20-year old man is now facing charges of forcible confinement and assault. To close out the day, officers were called to a business on Leonard Drive to find a 16-year old girl from Norton was hit and thrown to the ground by an 18-year old man from Bellisle Creek. Ironically, the man had just been released from police custody moments before the woman was assaulted. He will be in court tomorrow for a bail hearing.