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Monday, March 22, 2010

Keir On Future Of The Energy Hub

(Provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir)
(File Photo)

The impact of the NB Power agreement with Hydro Quebec on future growth of the energy hub in Saint John has been a constant concern with both the Board of Trade and Atlantica Centre of Energy. Provincial Energy Minister Jack Keir doesn't believe the final agreement needs to have contract language committing Hydro Quebec to growing the energy hub. He tells CHSJ News it just makes good business sense and the C-E-O of Hydro Quebec, Thierry Vandel gets it. Keir goes on to say he has just returned from courting companies in the southwestern U.S. to invest in the energy hub so Hydro Quebec isn't the only game in town.
Keir expects the agreement to sell many of NB Power's assets to Hydro Quebec to be finalised by the end of the month.