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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

City Staff And Some Members Of Common Council At Odds Over Bike And Pedestrian Lanes

(Common Councillor Carl Killen)
             (File Photo)

City Staff are not enthused about the idea of spending 18 thousand dollars for bike and pedestrian lanes along Main Street North and the Viaduct. Deputy City Manager Andrew Beckett calls it a temporary fix to the problem caused by the closure of Harbour Passage for 18 months. Common Councillor Carl Killen disagrees arguing it goes beyond that. He calls Main Street North barren and sterile and would be surprised if it is determined six lanes of traffic are needed. Another member of Council, Donnie Snook calls it a safety issue.
Before any decision is made, Common Council will get a traffic study and some input from the provincial transportation department because the roadway is considered part of the highway system.