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Monday, September 20, 2010

Enterprise Saint John Disputes Any Suggestion Of The Energy Hub Being Dead

(Provincial Conservative Leader David Alward)
                      (File Photo)

Conservative Party Leader David Alward will be in town today to speak to the Saint John Board of Trade. During one of the televised debates, he suggested the energy hub in Saint John was another of the Premier's unfulfilled promises.

The new chair of Enterprise Saint John, Tony Goguen maintains the energy hub is still alive and well even though a second refinery is off the table. He has divulged a potential investor came to the city recently to look at Saint John as a place for a wind energy project.

Goguen adds even though forestry is in the doldrums at the moment, it's still worth 100 million dollars a year to the Saint John economy.

Liberal leader Shawn Graham will also be campaigning in the Saint John area today talking about energy at the Coleson Cove generating station this afternoon after making a stop this morning in St. Martins.