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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flooding Solutions For Wetlands Behind City Mall

The battle against flooding may result in an enhanced wetland area behind the McAllister Mall.
Tim Vickers with the Atlantic Coastal Action Program here in the city tells CHSJ News mall owner Cadillac Fairview is looking at its options to reduce flooding in the parking lot and stores -- and -- he says that will probably include building a larger berm and enlarging the wetland area:
Vickers says it still has be a functional wetland, it has to be stormwater and they could also put in a gazebo for consumers and others to enjoy.

Some home owners in the Glen Falls area are having trouble obtaining insurance because of the ongoing flooding issues -- Vickers says a lot of proposals like the Cadillac Fairview project are being driven by the need to reduce flooding damage in the Marsh Creek watershed.