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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meterologist Says The Worst Is Yet To Come

Despite what the groundhogs are predicting, an early spring couldn't seem farther away on a day like this.

Up to 25 cm's of snow are on the the way making the commute treacherous this afternoon.
Claude Cote of Environment Canada tells CHSJ News everyone will also have to contend with strong winds to 60 kilometres per hour causing reduced visibility.

He says by midnight there will be more than 15 centimetres on the ground and conditions will slowing start to improve after midnight will some flurries and drifting snow. He expects it will be tomorrow morning before it's all said and done.
Earlier today, the Saint John airport had 31 centimetres of snow on the ground where the normal for this time of year is 15 centimetres.