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Monday, August 29, 2011

Blind Hockey Player Stops In SJ

A blind hockey player making a stop in the port city as he travels from Halifax to Toronto on inline-skates.  

Mark DeMontis making the trek to raise funds for Courage Canada, an organization he created so visually impaired Canadians can learn to play hockey. 

In 2009, DeMontis raised 60 thousand dollars inline-skating from Toronto to Vancouver.

He says the second tour is to raise money for additional programs.

DeMontis tells CHSJ News people's initial reaction to what he's doing is shock, but once they hear his story and how passionate he is about blind hockey, there's nothing but support.

DeMontis lost his sight at 17 after being diagnosed with Lebers Optic Neuropathy.  

He left Halifax August 13th and is scheduled to arrive in Toronto mid-October.

For more information or to read DeMontis' blog visit