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Friday, October 7, 2011

Ladies Fast For North End Food Drive

Two women will be going without food in order to fill a trailer so others will not go hungry.
Tammy Calvin and Andrea Richards will be hosting the food drive on the 13th and finishing when the trailer is full.

The trailer will be set up in Lansdowne Plaza and they are looking for a variety of foods including soups and canned goods, bread and rolls and canned vegetables.

All proceeds will go to the North End Food Bank on Adelaide Street.

The foods required are:
·        Soups and can goods
·        Bread and rolls
·        Canned vegetables
.        Canned fruits
·        Rice, pasta, Kraft Dinner etc.
·        Cereal and oatmeal
·        Snack foods for children’s lunches
·        Baby foods, diapers and formula
·        Laundry soap, shampoo, body soaps, deodorant etc.
·        Crackers
·        Condiments – soya sauce, ketchup, mayo. etc.
·        Pancake mixes and syrups
·        Peanut butter, cheese whiz, jams etc.