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Monday, October 24, 2011

New Concept May Help Stem The Tide Of The Grey Tsunami

Edler mediation may be a tool that can help stem the tide of the coming grey tsunami as the number of seniors in Canada explodes.
A pilot project in Eastern Ontario is using elder mediation to find the best way of using funding to keep seniors in their homes.
Elizabeth Sterritt of Family Mediation Canada tells CHSJ News says these programs are phenomenal because they create a circle of care.

She tells us there are 6000 centenarians in Canada today and that number will triple over the next twenty years.
She says we have to figure out how are going to deal with all these ageing folks who may be our neighbours.

Sterritt says in one case, the fix was taking care of a couples lawn mowing and snow removal needs that allowed one woman the time to better care for her husband in their home.