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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Morna Heights Residents Make Their Case For Saving School

Over 50 concerned residents coming out to Morna Heights school to listen or plead their case for keeping the school open.

About a dozen people making presentations to the DEC -- they are taking input on possibly closing down Morna Heights, Inglewood, and/or Grand Bay Primary school in order to build a new school in Grand Bay-Westfield.

Christian Goldie is with the River Road Community Alliance and he tells CHSJ News a lot of residents have put in countless hours to make their case and he's optimistic that the school can still be saved.

Meanwhile, Lori Nason is with the Parent School Support Committee and says if the school does get closed down, parents are not going to let the issue come to a rest.

When asked if she meant legal action, she would not elaborate.

Supporters of Morna Heights say shutting down the school would hurt student learning and be a blow to community activities.

The DEC will be making a recommendation to the province in February.