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Friday, November 18, 2011

Seniors Apartment Complex Coming To Crescent Valley

New affordable housing is making its way to the Crescent Valley.

A 60 unit seniors apartment building will be built next to the new YM-YWCA on Churchill Boulevard.  Half will be open for rental from the public while the rest will be subsidized.

Saint John Portland MLA Trevor Holder tells CHSJ News this project will free up more subsidized housing for families as seniors as currently occupying family units.

Meanwhile, Social Development Minister Sue Stultz tells CHSJ News this announcement is just the beginning of revitalizing housing in the Crescent Valley and more announcements will be made.

The federal government investing 1.2 million in capital and the province will provide 2.3 million in rent subsidizes

Total price tag of the project is about 9 million dollars and shovels are expected to be in the ground by next spring.