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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two Saint Johnners Sentenced For Armed Holdups

Two city men have been sentenced to prison terms for two armed robberies at the Somerset Pub on August 30th and the Colonial Inn on September 1st.
23 year old David John Harris of Iona Avenue was given 4 and a half years on five charges while 28 year old Joshua Peter Mcintyre of Elizabeth Court got 3 and a half years on three charges.
Harris was sentenced to more time behind bars because he had his face concealed while committing the two armed holdups. He was also charged with possessing stolen goods in Rothesay.
The two were armed with a 9 millimeter replica handgun and got away with 15 hundred dollars from the pub and 40 dollars from a worker at the hotel. That particular worker has now been robbed twice while at the hotel.
 Neither had a criminal record before what the judge called this crime spree.