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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Windsor Energy Found Guilty Of Violating Oil And Natural Gas Act

Windsor Energy of Calgary is guilty of violating the Province's Oil and Natural Gas Act after by testing for shale gas in Sussex without permission.

Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup tells CHSJ News the violation occurred when the company directed a contractor to do geophysical exploration
within the boundaries of Dairytown.

Under the regulations of the act, a municipality's written permission must be obtained before testing can begin.

Northrup says Windsor Energy's CEO Khalid Amin was quoted in the media as saying he knew permission was needed and that the testing would happen within the town limits of Sussex.

The Minister finds this action a blatant disregard for provincial legislation and the authority of the town of Sussex and he believes Khalid Amin owes the Mayor, councillors and people of Sussex a sincere, public apology.

A spokesperson for the Department of Natural Resources says no decision has been made as to what law enforcement agency to refer the matter to.