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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Water Rates Go Up

Common Council approving the 2012 budget for Saint John Water and with it comes a jump in the flat water rate for homes.

The rate is going up 36 dollars to 972 dollars a year as of January 1st while those on meters will see rates increase by 4 percent.

Commissioner of municipal operations Paul Groody says the increase is because of wastewater treatment, like operating the new Eastern Wastewater Treatment Facility for Harbour Clean-Up. 

He says you can't compare our rates to other communities because we're actually leaders when it comes to wastewater treatment.

He adds other municipalities like Rothesay and Halifax will see it's rates go up when it makes wastewater infrastructure upgrades as well.

The rates will continue to rise over the next few years with the water bill hitting over a thousand dollars a year by 2013.