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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Council Members Told How They Can Do Their Jobs

Common Councillors getting the ABC's of how to do their jobs and govern the city well from former City Finance Commissioner for 15 years Darryl Wilson who also worked as Auditor-General for the province over a period of 8 years. 

Wilson says Council members should be asking themselves what is their vision for the future of the city and how will success be measured by themselves and Saint Johnners when the next municipal election rolls around in 4 years time.
Wilson says it's up to Council to evaluate the performance of not only senior City Hall staffers but also all the agencies, boards and commmissions that operate on behalf of the city. 

He has no objections to having term limits for those people who serve on City boards, commissions and agencies. He doesn't necessarily accept the proposition that you have to pay in order to get good people to come forward.

Wilson also telling the Councillors, the city has great potential and if they're going to change the structure of local government, it should be done for one reason and that is to make things better.