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Friday, August 17, 2012

Oland Hearing Continues

With several heavily-censored search warrants and related documents released yesterday in the Richard Oland murder investigation, the hearing continues this afternoon.

The media lawyer, David Coles made the argument to open up the warrants, pointing out the last of them was executed in November 2011 and no physical evidence remains to be seized.

Under cross examination, Constable Stephen Davidson testified while the police force has zeroed in on a single suspect which they believe to be the right one, new evidence is being received all the time.

Davidson further testified his opinion on the case differs from that of his chief, Bill Reid.
The constable stated while he respects Reid's opinion, he does not see charges being laid in a short period of time as Reid has said.

The cross examination of Davidson and the arguments will conclude today; however Provincial court judge R. Leslie Jackson will decide how much more can be revealed at a later date.