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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Activists Protest Poverty With Free Food

As the chilly fall weather approaches, there's a free hot meal available for those in Saint John who most need it. Food Not Bombs is a new volunteer initiative in the Saint John area. They aims to share food, pamphlets, and other resources on a regular basis in King Square.

The loosely-knit activist group comes from all walks of life, and is protesting war and poverty. The main message? Food is a right, not a privilege. An organizer, Stella, tells CHSJ News it's run entirely by volunteers on a shoestring budget, and they've been collecting donations from local farmers markets, restaurants, and other places that have food to spare.

Food Not Bombs originally started in Massachusetts and is currently operating in 1000 cities worldwide, but it's something new to the Saint John area. For more information about their next event, you can check out their Facebook group here.