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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Xmas Decor Popping Up Across Saint John

Whether you think it's too early or not, stores and streets across Saint John are starting to get into the Christmas spirit.

Keirstead's flower shop on Charlotte street uptown now have lights and wreaths hung outside their store, and have been playing Christmas music since last week. Connie Dean works at the flower shop, and she tells CHSJ news there's many reasons why they're getting into the festive spirit before Remembrance Day. She says they used to wait until after November 11th, but says times have changed, other stores are following the trend and they need to stay current. She says a lot of people already have their Christmas shopping done, so if you want to sell anything you have to have it out early.

And with the weather getting worse and the Christmas parade looming on November 17th, they want to have the decorations out now. 

Dean admits there is mixed feelings at the store with being so festive before Sunday, but adds the store has a Remembrance Day window and the shops first floor won't be touched until after honoring out veterans.