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Monday, January 28, 2013

Efforts Underway To Assist Fire Victims

7 kids including an unborn baby from 3 famillies are looking for everything you need to live after a devastating fire on Mecklenburg street.

Stephanie Craig actually lives in St. Andrews but has an apartment on Orange street and is friends with one of the fire victims.

She created a Facebook group in the aftermath of the blaze and has seen a tremendous outpouring of support with people offering everything school supplies to baby clothes.

She tells us she is impressed with the support was surprised to wake up this morning and see the group now has 1000 members.

Craig says they need the use of a large vehicle to transport larger items that people are offering to donate.  

To help out, you can post directly on the Mecklenburg Facebook page, click here

Fresh Start Services through the Salvation Army on Prince Edward Street.

Cannon Security on Bayside Drive above Beats and Bytes.

(photo courtesy of Brett Stevens)