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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Women Deserve A Fair Wage

The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity wants to take wage parity one step farther.

Executive Director Johanne Perron tells CHSJ News the coalition would like to see the government to use more complete to calculate what women in female-dominated fields like daycare, homecare, and women's transition houses should earn. In such fields, where there are no male-dominated jobs,she says the government needs to work with pay equity experts and pro-equality groups if it hopes to get a realistic measure of pay equity.

Perron tells CHSJ News New Brunswick has a few lessons to learn from other provinces when it comes to developing a fair system. In particular, she says the NB government has closely studied Quebec's solutions to the problem; however, some aspects of their systems have been lost in the attempt to bring them to bear them locally.

The Coalition is hoping to work closely with the government to develop fair wages for female-dominated work.