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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Early Childhood Education To Be Expanded In Saint John Region

A big push is being made to enhance early childhood education in the region from Sussex to St. Stephen. 

The Education Department has taken over early childhood services from Social Development with the commitment to offer more support for families and expanded early intervention. 

The Director of Early Childhood Services in the Anglophone South School District Gary Hall tells CHSJ News the goal is to put children first with more support for families, easier access to services and expanded early intervention.

Hall says they want to have early childhood education available to all pre-schoolers in the region because of how crucial that is to their intellectual development.

 Meantime, the literacy assessments of Grade 7 students in the school district are in. 77 per cent of students in Anglophone South were successful in reading and 63.9 per cent in writing, both of which were slightly higher than the provincial averages.