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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Differing Opinions On Future Of Rothesay Common Depending On Your Age

There's a real generational difference on what should happen to the Rothesay Common. 

Students at Rothesay High and Rothesay Park Elementary were asked what they would like to see and their suggestions included a splash pad, an outdoor movie screen, walking track, beach volleyball, rubber surfacing for the playground and even mini golf. 

The adults, on the other hand, want better drainage, an ice surface but no splash pad. George Teed got up at the end of the meeting and had his say, telling CHSJ News he doesn't want to see the covenants removed which stipulate the Common be a public park with no buildings. He warns if that's done, you could very well see hog dog and ice cream stands in the Common.

Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop opened up the meeting by trying to disspell rumours of condos being built on the Common.