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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Street Named To Honour Saint John Soldier And His Comrades

Private David Greenslade and six of his comrades who were killed in Afghanistan back in 2007 after their vehicle hit a roadside bomb are being honoured with the naming of a street in the north end. 

The street, which wasn't named before, leads to the Millidgeville Ferry and the David Greenslade Peace Park and will be called from now on as Bravo Landing. 

David's mom, Laurie Greenslade tells CHSJ News she and her husband, Don are grateful their son has not been forgotten. A grand opening is planned for June 1st and Saint John High is attempting to raise 5 thousand dollars for the installation of a wrought iron fence. 

Waterloo Street is named after Wellington's defeat of Napoleon and Alma Street, just off Waterloo, is named after a famous battle in the Crimean War.