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Monday, April 29, 2013

Survey Shows How Young People In City Differ From Adults

Young people in Saint John see the issues facing the city differently than adults do judging from the grades given the city in a Vital Signs survey. 

One such issue is the environment and how much we recycle and compost.The teens say we could be doing a far better job with more recycling and composting whereas adults look at the same issue and say yes, but look at how far we have come.

Sara Mudge of the Vital Signs Committee tells CHSJ News young people also feel the need to leave after high school and not because there are no jobs but to achieve self fulfillment with experiences they don't feel are here for them locally. That's different from larger centres like Halifax, Victoria and Calgary.

Mudge says many of the students grew up with the PALS programme and know what it's like to go to school hungry. She says that's why they talked about the need to provide free meals to those people in poverty.