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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

RCMP Assisting With Evacuations Due To Forest Fires

The Mounties are helping fire departments in Petitcodiac and Kedgwick coordinate the evacuation of some homes due to forest fires.

A fire was reported in Petitcodiac about 2:30 today. 

Some residents are being asked to leave their homes for their safety. 
Traffic is also being diverted from the area and road blocks have been set up.

A second fire was reported in Kedgwick about 3:40 and some homes are being evacuated and traffic is being diverted from those roads.

Corporal Chantal Farrah says the RCMP are asking for people to stay away from both areas for their safety and to allow firefighters to do their work

Access to the areas will only be permitted once firefighters determine that it's safe.