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Monday, June 10, 2013

Health Networks Urge Doctors, Province To Resolve Dispute

Both Horizon Health Network and Vitalit√© Health Network urging physicians and the province to put their differences aside, and put their heads together instead. 

Doctors and the Department of Health are in disagreement over cuts to Medicare, a conflict on its way to court. But the two health authorities are asking them simply sit down and talk it out, in order to find savings and create a sustainable system. 

Vitalité board chair, Paul Couturier, says that we know the present-day system is not sustainable, and is beyond what New Brunswickers can afford. He says it's vital all the players, including doctors, work together to solve the fiscal problem. Both networks rely on services from over 1,600 doctors, and say they need their involvement to find savings and build a sustainable, patient-driven system.

The doctors’ court case will be heard on Wednesday in Fredericton.