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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Street Flea Market Request Sparks Council Debate

A request to sell used wares on the street this Canada Day stirring up debate among city councillors. 

Rhoda and Joe Boyce wrote council, asking for special event permission to have a flea market in uptown Saint John, a request council ultimately approved. But now the Boyces have to apply for a $100 permit under the current bylaw. 

Joe Boyce says they'll do what they have to do, and that the reason he didn't apply right away is because he didn't feel he had done anything wrong.

Councillor MacAlary says nobody ever told the Boyces they had to apply for a license, so they never did. Councillor Greg Norton saying he's heard concerns from Uptown Saint John about leftover garbage. City Manager Pat Woods also raising concerns about garbage, along with traffic safety and hygiene. 

Councillor Ray Strowbridge saying it's turning into a lot of red tape for a one day a year event.