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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Musical Mural Improves An Uptown Business

Since Sunday a brick wall off Germain street is looking a lot better.   

That's because the Graffiti guys, Hilari and Ethan McLeod, came to the rescue of Veronica's music.
Owner Veronica Caissie tells CHSJ News about a year ago they began removing graffiti from the front of her store.

After that she asked Hilari what she could do with tags of skulls and profanity on the brick side wall and after covering it with black paint she added musical notes to go with the store.

Caissie says the response has been great adding everyone that comes in loves it. 

She has since learned that her store is in a Heritage area of Saint John and the mural may not be permitted but Caissie adds she never heard anything about the previous tags being a problem and the mural is is an improvement over that.