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Monday, July 15, 2013

Common Council To Hear About The Need To Throw Out Less Trash

The Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission will be making a presentation to Common Council tonight on the need for more of us to recycle and compost with less garbage going into the landfill. 

It wants to see a long term plan put in place for the next 15 years or so.

Brenda MacCallum of the Waste Commission warns taxpayers won't want to incur the cost of another landfill before it's absolutely necessary because the cost would be immense. Crane Mountain cost 21 million dollars to open.

MacCallum admits there are challenges with the blue bins as well as how to make recycling and composting easier for people who live in apartments. The numbers for both recycling and composting have stagnated. 

In Malton, Massachusetts, residents are charged 2 dollars per bag of garbage with the amount being thrown out dropping by half and recycling rising by 74 per cent. MacCallum adds in jurisdictions where limits have been placed, there has not been a problem with illegal dumping.