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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Community Garden Opens In Lower West Side

The shovels have hit the dirt at the Carleton Community Centre, where their new community garden has just opened. 

The garden is located adjacent to the playground, has six raised beds, and they plan to install 22 inground plots. The inground plots have to be rented for a fee, and anyone who rents get the plot for an entire season.

Jill Roberts, a nurse at the Market Place Wellness Centre tells CHSJ News growing your own food is an excellent alternative to buying from the grocery store for low-income families. Roberts says the food bank has a few plots in the garden, which they'll harvest and give to people looking for food.

They're not overly concerned about people stealing from or vandalizing the garden. Roberts says because the community is involved and has a stake in the garden, that may discourage that type of behaviour.

Roberts tells us the land was donated by Port Saint John.