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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Curbside Recycling Close To Reality In Rothesay

With cans, bottles and other recyclables piling up next to blue bins around the town, one councillor is saying Rothesay is close to getting curbside recycling. 

Matt Alexander, who sits on the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, tells CHSJ News they've been talking about curbside recycling for the past year, and are looking at implementing it in the fall. 

However, he's just been named the town's representative to look at regionalization of waste and says talks on that front could affect the plan to start curbside recycling then positively or negatively. 

Alexander says collaborating on the waste issue will be a good thing. He says by working together, there's the potential to save money. He says we need to find ways to increase education on recycling and composting and create programs to deal with the stagnating levels. 

The Fundy Solid Waste Commission looking for a new regional approach to increase recycling and composting in place by next summer.