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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Documentary On Hampton Man To Premiere Saturday

If you ever drive through Hampton you've probably seen the John Hooper statue of John Peters Humphrey--but how much do you know about the local man who wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? 

Filmmaker Greg Hemmings tells CHSJ News his new documentary, "The Boy Who Was Bullied" sheds some light on Humphrey's troubled childhood. Humphrey was a child amputee and a frequent victim of bullying. This film will show how he not only endured but eventually triumphed, becoming dean of law at McGill. After World War II, as part of a committee led by Eleanor Roosevelt, he drafted the document that is arguably the greatest achievement of the United Nations.

It includes the right of every person to live in safety.

The movie shows how Humphrey rose above his struggles to write one of the most influential documents in the West. It premieres on CBC Atlantic on Saturday at 8:00 pm AST.